thoughts of wearing a cross.

Around my neck,

lies a sign

of life, love, longing.

A simple cross,

it may seem.

But means the world to me.

Can something so simple

be so sacrificial?

A sacrifece of praise.

A reminder.

To remember.

To live in remembrance.

Remembering what He's done.

A hope, a joy

God's sacrifice

around my life.

Laid carefully,

laid lovingly,

in my heart.

It pulls me down,

 my mind is weighted.

Too many questions arise.

I walk,

knowing my belonging

to the Creator of the universe.

Feeling their stares.

The world is watching.

But who cares?

My simple string

is nothing,

in comparison

to the sacrifice

of the Saviour on the cross.

He is weighted

with the sin of man,

carried for us to


He loves us, longs for us, gives us life.

So why can't we live for Him?

The End

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