Ever feel the mattress compress?

Have you ever wanted the weight lifted?

My virtue is currency

I’m reminded often of my value

In this meat market I’m grade A for something

Just not something worthy of recollection

And so I want him gone


Sometimes I dream about pulling the fire alarm

I’d watch them all rush out bundled in robes and blankets

I’d watch him scurry the way rats do

And I would sigh, sigh blissfully through my solitude

It’s all I know but when it all goes to shit…

The bottom-line it’s what I know…


Have you ever been touched after an absence?

The first time really is electric

My sense awakened and thriving

My words awkward, craving too much at once

I’d like to be over come with it all

Swoon like a Victorian and wake to bitter salts

And so my only reasoning is I wanted to.

I wanted to be touched more than I wanted a strangers regard.


I hold fast to what I know.

Only I know myself, I only know where I’ve been

I want to yell cast your stones!

But all I can muster is indifference

It’s a shrug that will become cracked

But I say all I can say, anyway.

Who are you to judge?

What sins would you like to weigh against mine?

The End

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