Weekend Woes

The weekend has ostentatiously arrived
and its onset is welcomed with dread
For t ‘is the time to retire ones gloves
and the chance to rest one's weary head

Bony fingers that have dueled away
in the composition of clerical notes
from a thousand chambers they're read
and the authors with pride doth gloat

The eyes, so red, unaccustomed to sleep
a window to the world that's gray
the colors of life, ignored , denied
even in dreams are bland images displayed

Body draped in elaborate accoutrements
and nudity is viewed with such fright
The garments worn are a second skin
for these are often equated with might

The weekend a prison of lassitude
as the mind vacillates in such agony
With sadness return to that we hate
and give into that parsimony

The End

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