Wednesday 25

Just for you,
I wore a skirt,
I did my hair and I watched
you when you spoke,
It's not my fault that
prefer blondes
and I'm a brunette
with a tendency to eat too much and not care  what she says.
Just for you,
I thought of you for 13
days straight,
No lies,
I knew there was no point and still I tried,
I wrote you 3 poems
and gave them to the world
in the hope that they would share my views,
That most are nothing compared to you,
I took your digs,
I took your ego,
I left him just to see you,
We started off alright,
Fold your hand, reveal the fives. It's not my fault
that the signal never got
And I must admit,
I never really tried just
For you
I collected all the hearts
and left you a hand
full of aces.
Don't reveal,
Stall the chase,
I'm best when in second place.

I just hope you never noticed me.

The End

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