Wednesday 22

Eyes are gone and so I



your face


And this is good.

I can't see you and this is good

because you are a flaw,

a weakness

that does not

notice it's own power.


There is a lot of chemical in my system right now,

I feel ill.

And I wish I could not need

to wish that you would so

much as let me cross your


As if.

As if

I'd have a chance,

Why try, why even bother to show you my life?

When I lose 30, when I regain 24, maybe then I'll get my chance,

Hopefully then I'll have my prince,

And you will not matter in the slightest,

I wish you all the very best,

Never try where you can but fail,

And amongst the thighs, amongst the lies, I guess

I wish you well,

I hope you do enjoy the ride,

I hope it gives you hell.

The End

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