Welcome to Britain

I live in a puddle,
It has to be said.
And the only dry place
Is under my bed.
It's damp and it's soggy,
The place is a bog.
Full of mist, full of rain,
And pea-soup fog.
Want a day on the beach?
Wanna soak up some rays?
Well, prepare for some drizzle,
And that's on good days!
It's that miniscule island,
On the edge of Europe,
Got a Queen, got some tea,
But not got much hope!
However, damp as it is,
Thought the weather's just dire,
We Brits love the place,
Every ditch, every mire.
Our blue-painted ancestors
Fought tooth and claw to defend it,
Now us modern day Poms,
We won't ever surrender it!
So don't diss the damp,
Or the wet or the cold,
Cause, you may not like it,
But we call it home!

The End

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