Two Storms

Cataclysmic shocking, abruptly rocking, never stopping

There's a grinding in our head and a ringing in our ears.

The wild shaking is a-waking our minds to higher things

Do angels bowl or do they sing? Is that why the thunder brings

Angry torrents, so abhorrent of our need to play outside

Of our need to take a ride, on the slip-and-slide, why,

Is this rumbling beneath us, making such a fuss

Breaking windows as it tells stories only Chaos can hear?

Two storms at the same time, right before our eyes

Make it stop, please, for human beings aren't yet that wise.

We can't make the rain stop when it floods our homes and streets

Or the meteors when they come in wrathful fleets.

Let the sun rise, so we can enjoy the smell after the rain

Let the tremors die, let the water wane, let us know you're not insane.

The End

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