How the most simple things can affect your mood so dramatically! x


First it snows,

Everything is white, soggy, cold,

It causes problems everywhere.


Then the rain,

It comes and goes whenever it pleases

Always annoying, depressing, irritating.


Then the fog,

Thick, heavy, like a dusty veil over the earth.

Its seeps into every corner, sits and waits.


Then frost,

Bitter cold, but beautiful as it glistens in the sun.

Annoys the daily commuters,


Then the cloudy days,

Gloomy, maybe pointless? Miserable.

The clouds are our blankets.


The sunny days,

The only cheery thing, it brightens,

Sends out joy, hope, heat.


All days have different messages, meanings, feelings…

But today is the day none of that matters.

The End

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