My final understanding

You say its love but I say self destruction

Your kiss is spread so far it’s left with utterly no affection

And when your detection is unfortunately non existent you scream out and say its love that pulls your heart strings

But when I look and see your potential is streamlined by an ocean liner full off distractions

My vision goes blurry and I one two step down too many stairways into hallways of misguided defeat

And the smoke that’s stinging my eyes is caused by the view I have of you

This view of a master blacksmith in peril with the tedious job of picking herbs for a local alchemist

And you’ve kissed the hand of a wrongful king who has locked these many doors that will fall below your feet if you only give them one small fragment of a chance

Because these opportunities that wash up like bottled dreams on your shoreline are filled with the wind of one thousand voices yelling true to your name

Your name that holds capabilities that would lead you to a future full of fame

A future that if not slowed by these human door stops that hold your attention could go so undeniably far it could shine as bright as the northern star

But all I’m saying right now in these last words that might with any hope sound true in your mind

Because when your sails burn down from Molotov cocktails thrown by the people that you say you love I wont be there to catch you when you fall and have no hope of one last flight of a dove 

Because there is no peace left in my mind or yours that could show me otherwise that your choices to be guided by these 2 cent fortune telling toys was just a mistake

Because girl you’re full of mistakes because all you do is take the easy way out

And when you hit rock bottom of your ever so flaunted life you won’t be able to make the cherished choice of escape

The End

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