We Will Be Free Until Our Graves

This is a song I'm currently working on, with the work in progress (and probably final product) at, http://soundcloud.com/enki-1/i-will-break-you

This is an out pouring of my anger at the globalist agenda by those whom we are supposed to have democratically elected to serve us. And this is also a stab at the big bankers, but of course, they're the real government behind the politicians. Veritas Vos Liberabit.

I will break you into halves

And divide you among the demons


And children will rejoice to see you

Struggling like we do


The Sun will, not bother shining on you!

 For all the times you kept us in the dark


You wanted war, you got war

But you lost it when you lost our hearts



I will break you in two halves

And divide you among your brethren


Do you know what it’s like to wake a sleeping giant?

Well watch out fast,

‘Cause this one is going to pummel you,

 until you’re flatter than the paper you worship


And the children will laugh while you fall

Here comes the storm

The End

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