We Were Happy

All in all, I recall...We Were Happy

Once a man of old age sat beside me and spoke,

And I listened and nodded polite.

He spoke of a difficult life long ago,

Days of hard work and hardship and strife.


He told me how little they had to get by,

T'was a meager existence at best.

But I noticed that although his story was sad,

The look on his face did attest


That his memories did not bring sadness but joy,

So I stopped him and questioned him, why.

He looked quite surprised, but then smiling he said,

"Tis an odd thing I will not deny.”


“Although life in that day was a difficult road,

And we struggled each day for bare needs.

Yet from it we learned that which cannot be bought.

All in all, I recall…We Were Happy."


Then he smiled and spoke on but my mind followed not,

For it fixed upon what he had said.

And I questioned myself, "How could such a thing be?

From so little is happiness bred?"


So I sat searching out cross the days of my time,

And I sifted through memories untold,

And I could not declare, "We Were Happy" despite

Holding all whereby "Happy" is sold.


So in trance I did sit, til his stand broke my stare,

And he thanked me for lending him ear.

But before he could part I looked deep in his eyes,

T'was a light and a peace that was clear.


As I watched him walk off came a whisper inside,

And a calm rested over my heart.

"You choose your own fate, whether happy or sad…

 Will you choose to make now a new start?"

The End

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