We should not Question the way things are: Acceptance is the key to Salvation


So unintentionally we try and fill those gaps,

With useless matters, which don’t even, last.


Why waste your breadth with another "why”?

When you know all you'll get is a queer reply.


This planet, this world, this existence; 

Is in need of a thing called acceptance,


To see that all we need is to trust ourselves,

Not waste our time and explain to the rest.


True happiness comes from within,

Not from irrelevant worldly things.


One day we should all stop and think, 

If all this was even worth a glimpse


Real salvation comes once nothing can bother us anymore

And the day we realize that, we'll be soon to be no more.


Because, in the time we have we spend it in debate, 

Just know that it all really depends on our fate.






The End

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