"We Have Been Here Before"

Inspired by Morris Bishop

I think I remember this vision,

precision's persistance is pure;

"I feel in the distance another existance,

I think I have been here before".

"And I think you were sitting beside me"

like a shadow surrounding my soul.

The people that seen us put evil between us, and in time it has taken it's toll.

"I've been here before"! I explained,

and I've faced every factor of fear.

I tried to erase, that I died in this place,

and you cried, I remember your tear.

If my memory serves me correctly,

I'm thinking this thought to be true:

That in my demise I looked in my eyes

and there lies an image of you.

With few I share my premonition,

cause time don't exist anymore.

Now you've seen the vision,

and it's your decision,

but I think we have been here before.

The End

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