We Don't Know How to Drive

You got on the boat

I sat and watched you go,

only in my mind.

I gave you a bag of skittles,

so you could forever taste the rainbow

beyond our time.

And because you were away,

I stepped aboard a jet plane 

and flew

to California, to L.A.

a place where I could stay

in the sun.

You sailed far up the coast,

into storms and into snow,

sharing your music wherever you traveled.

You were under the northern lights,

I was drinking back the night life,

opposite sides of the globe...

but so,

you said

we both know how to drive.

Before we went our separate ways,

departing in a teary haze,

you told me you wanted to forever be

in my messy world, my half finished art,

a dream I could never start.

You always believed in me,

even though you couldn't see

you and me are toxicity 


You are earth, and I'm a flood,

you're grounded, I'm coming undone.

You have a family that loves and needs you

I'm still in search for mine...

but so,

you said

babe, all we got is time.

I tried to live in the moment but the moment was gone,

and left me alone all along,

watching you sail away

sucking on rainbows, 


the distance between Alaska and California

could disappear today.

The End

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