We Broke UsMature

People ask me why it's so hard to trust people,
I ask them, why is it so hard to keep a promise and stay honest? You're....
no better than anyone else, 
what gives you the right to hurt someone,
All these, expressions of unconscious desires and wish fulfillment is killing me man. 
And then he, wants to go and fill my mind?
with thoughts of happiness and kind? words. 
He said them as if they flew out of his mouth and into my soul. 
Me? hanging on every word. 
Him? falling. 
Falling so haaarrrdd and so faaasstt it scared him.
Falling, for my smiiiiile,
Falling, into my dark brown eyeeesss, And heee...
Landed, yes he did, straight into my heart I fell too.
And 1 became 2. 
Then 3 and 4 girls showing up behind every door.
Denial is a funny thing ain't it? AHA! 
Jealousy ruined everything it's vivid. AHA!
It's over... subconsciously, hypocrisy, dishonesty, in love with me? Tssss yeah right... 
Stuck in a relationship I can barely breathe it's so tight, 
lost in a love I can barely see it's so bright, 
thoughtless emotions, meaningless provocations and for what? 
Oh.. opposites attract? 
The real reason the opposite of loyalty attracts? Him to me. 
Forever saying I'm done, but could never find the courage to run, 
but yet you feel the need to ask me why I smoke Mary? Jane ain't never done anything that could scare me, spare me. 
A young mind doesn't know it's worth. 
Sexual healing better than anyone on this earth. 
Addicted to the high but obsessed with the dick, He
knows how to make me tick, slowly. Anxiety. 
I can't bare another moment. Curiosity clouds my soul. 
The amount of faults he bestowed upon me And I,
didn't question his authority. The,
secrecy of my lust for his control I yearn for your possessive nature and dead soul, 
without knowing the consequences of it all. 
The Walls I build because of you, I'm not willing to tear down, the mask and the facade. 
We live in this sad reality where authenticity is scarce, and I'm tired of it. 
All those broken promises....... 
He broke me. 
We broke us. 
We're broken.

The End

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