We Are You.

You hide behind your so called gods
The more you buy, the better the odds

Put on your mask, join the charade.
Don't speak up, just behave.

Faster cars, bigger loans
Don't you see, you're all just clones

Don't get out of line, don't dear
We all have to do our share

For god and country, cast your vote
Just don't forget, to pay you note

You wonder why you're so depressed
Just buy this, its the best.

So move alone, we'll think for you
We'll make sure you get your just due

Nevermind, the man behind the curtian
Hes there for your safty, its certian

Pretty cloths, powdered face
Your neighbor, gone with out a trace

A bigger house, sure its yours
just sign your freedom, do your chores

Were are not evil, we are you
Look in the mirror, you know its true.

The End

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