We are the Nerds


We are the Nerds


They call us nerds

Cause we got the brains.

I think they are absurd

For calling us nerds.


So what

If they are popular now?

When we get the girls,

We’ll be giving them pearls,

While they’re trying to find a wife

Who will want to stay with them,

Their whole life.


All the kids are following them around,

Thinking they are so cool.

Just wait and see,

When they apply for the job of a clown,

They will still be turned down.

They’ll be treated like a mule.


We got a whole life ahead of us,

‘Cause we are actually making progress in school.

We will be heading off to Harvard,

Making 300,000 dollars a year,

While they get arrested,

For getting drunk on beer.




Ten years from now,

When we are all doctors,

All of them who called us nerds,

Will bow down to us.


So make fun of us all you want,

Go ahead and taunt.

But just remember our words,

We are the nerds,

We’ll have a good future

A family and big bucks,

You can laugh at us now,

Sure, we’re the nerds,

I’ll be laughing and saying ‘wow’,

When your job

 Is scooping up animal turd.


The End

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