We Are Sill Awaiting Free Will

mental disorders are not adjectives, you cannot be OCD, one does not look "so anorexic"
these lives are not choices but whether or not you bully someone is
you can be straight or gay and still be a bully
It baffles me why people would choose a life that worsens the life of someone else

Is that all I am

Guilty and damned

The sins of my past

Leave me in last

While your present

Is so unpleasant

My objective’s

The adjective

Of your humorous ways

Both straights and gays

The maniacal don’t discriminate

Just eliminate

Any chance of joy

I’m left annoyed

I never know who’s who

Til I’m left alone like a fool

All they do is judge

And when you hold a grudge

They blame you like you’re at fault

For their hatred and assault

And I’m left at sea

Wondering why me

And how it can be

That though all my pleas

I’ll never be free

The End

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