We Are Life-- Forever.

There are rain drops and stones,

Blades of grass and knives,

Heart beats and electrical biology 

Circulating ambition in animal veins.


Clouds drift black and white, 

Thunderous and bright.

Sunlight drenches the skin of mankind

Darkening red, tan, or reflecting from the imperviously dark.

Beautifully dark.


Death waits to take all that is beyond ourselves

What empowers the mind will remain.

Time is a fictional function of what we think we are

We think we are able to leave, to die.

What you've been can't be taken away.

The past is timeless and concrete, always.

While the future remains fictional, always.

There is only now.

 Now you are here.

That is all you know.

That is all I know.

Life is all we know.

We--Individual bodies

Sharing the same never diminishing soul.


We are the energy that expands and creates a continual habitat

For ourselves, as one, individually placed in the now, as evidence

That we are going nowhere 

Faster than the speed of light. 

The End

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