We are learning to make fire

Create a poem at least 10 lines this is an acrostic poem

We are learning



Are there matches, no

Red fire we will make

Except we have to learn


Learning may not be that fun

Except we have to, to stay warm and to cook

Although this will take a long time we must

Red hot fire will make it so we can live longer

No its not working i yelled

I'd rather be doing some thing else then learning

Nacarat I want the fire to be            (Nacarat bright orange red)

Gather some wood my instructor told me


To the woods we go

Over the hills and on the roads


Maybe i want to make fire

Almost there my instructor told me

Knife he told me to get

Every piece of would we stacked


Finally i got it

I'm done

Red fire i have made

Even if it took me all day

The End

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