By Adam Ward

Just a poem I wrote long ago to try and define a relationship I was having before I began to really like a certain someone. It is unfortunate that the muse and subject of this poem and I are no longer even talking, however when looking through my memory stick about to write another chapter I found this and thought of publishing it.

We are human shaped.
Of intrigue and desire,
Physical force and mental fires.
Of storm and sun, and skin,
And quiet moments amongst the din.

We are human shaped. Of secret worlds, and velvet hands,
Erotic enigma, shifting sands.
Of unknown hope, and saccharine pain,
Serendipitous loss, violent gain.

We are human shaped.
Of misty moments, and vivid sex,
Cataclysmic error, and early text.
Of orgasmic reticence, and repeating songs,
Needing to leave, staying along.

We are human shaped.
Of almond eyes, and forceful prose,
Of hung low heads, and spiralling throes.
Of endless patience, and imminent defeat,
Of grave victory, jubilant and sweet.

We are juxtaposed.
I break and fall, you mend and weave
One without confidence, the other believes.
I push, you stand.  You push, I absorb,
One runs the other stalls.

We are the same.
Of skin and lust, of giving and receiving flak,
Of teeth for necks, and nails for backs.
Of blending the sweet with the funny and violent,
Of moving in spirals, lip locked and silent.

We are human shaped. Of wanting to scream out loud before pulling away,
Of needing to leave but curious to stay.
Of saying to each other this is only sex,
Of being the beginning and guessing what’s next.

Of having something to say, but remaining reticent,
Of being hell born and heaven sent.

The End

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