we are all made of stars

Time goes by, and it gets cooler, 

because you and I can be such losers,

but it's okay, because regardless of who we are,

we are all made of stars.

Come back.  

Come back to the island of salt and sea water 

and let me take you to the old cafe 

we used to sip mochas with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle.  

I'll show you what has changed, 

the paint, 

the walls, 

the floor, 

the doors, 

and what hasn't, 

the people who always give when you ask for more.  

Take my hand 

and let's walk down to the jagged shell beach, 

let's dip our toes in the frosty sea, 

one summer Sunday we submerged our bodies, 

lost beneath the waves.  

Walk me home, 

we'll stop by the pole, 

we vandalized when we were such rebels, 

it still reads "sexy cheese muffins" but the only sexy thing I want is you, 


lie in my bed, 

hold me in your arms, 

run your fingers through my hair like you used to so long ago, 

I wish then I would have known the gaping hole you left behind in my heart, 

I wish I would have known how much it hurt to be apart.  


Or don't come here, stay away. 

Avoid the cafes and the beaches and homes 

because of all the ragged memories that stole your soul, 

I understand.  

Instead then let me journey to you, 

with a bottle of sand and coffee in hand.  

Let me see your world, 

let me meet your friends, 

let me pass judgement on your new girl because she'll never be good enough 

and you know it's true.  

Let me lie on the floor in your room and we can talk.

I have so much to tell you,

so many questions to ask.

Let me show you my scars because you'll understand, 

let me hope that your body bears no more marks from your hands.  

We'll stay up all night, 

dancing and laughing, 

watching movies with sappy endings.  

And then I'll go back tearful and sad, 

but with enough glow to last me a life time of woe.

Or don't.  

Don't reply to my emails, 

my pathetic poetry, 

don't write me because you're free.  

Because you've moved on from childish dreams, 

because you have a good life and this place is dead weight on your feet, 

but I'm never going to stop dreaming or hoping or needing you, 

my love, 

my best friend, 

through and through, 

I belong to you, 

even if the reverse no longer holds true.

The End

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