We are a Fickle Friend

We are a fickle friend
and a bitter foe
to those who displease us;
Don't need us;
Decreed us
As miscellaneous details
of fleeting lives.

Take it all in;
ink into our skin
dry air in our lungs
with wet stains on our cheeks
but we'll be alright;
we won't be staying the night.

For oceans plough on
with oil in their hearts
and we are a fire
who fights for breath;
those who displease us
don't need us;
decreed us 
as miscellaneous details
deserve our smoulders
not our flames.

Leave the salt behind
and take life with a pinch
of pepper;
season your smiles
with summer rain
and autumn leaves
and winter crunch;
Leave the salt behind
for their wounds to bathe in.

So we are a fickle friend
like the sun partial to wind
and a bitter foe
like the angry wind's bellow
to those who deem us
as unimportant;
For we are the hope
in the sails
of a new dawn.

The End

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