This piece I had to perform for one of my courses my freshman year of college.

I knew little about the Slam-

About poets and poems meant to get people thinking

What do I care about influence?

Political matters can be handled by others

Why should I care about things that I don’t care about?

Academia, a system run by intellectuals I don’t really understand,

Slam, a system run by people who feel so strongly

That the waves of emotion that continually roll from their ideas

Wash me aside like a paper boat in the ocean.

How could I strive to follow either of these groups?

I can’t, and I don’t intend to try,

For my poetry is for me and me alone,

I have no motives to influence others,

No one-upmanship ideas to present,

And quite frankly my dear,

I don’t give a damn.

The End

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