Cartridge paper, its creamy white surface, its silky-smooth texture,

Brand-new paintbrushes, perfectly sanded and varnished handles, soft bristles clean and new,

China teacup, just slightly chipped, but newly washed and polished, filled with crystal, pellucid water,

New paints, lined up in their smart box, carefully crafted from wood and brass, hinges not yet stiffened from overuse,

Beautiful colours, ranging from faintly tinted like spring's cherry blossoms to vivid, stinging shades like the garden in the height of the summer sun,

Start painting the first few arches and curves, the colours deepening into the cartridge-paper's face like make-up on a girl's,

Dipping the paintbrush into the china cup, the colours swirl and spiral into the clear and mirror-like water,

Step back, admire your masterpiece, a joy only few people can appreciate,

Hopefully you are one of those people, your masterpiece your pride and joy,

Watercolour painting, truly the most beautiful pastime on heaven, paradise on earth.

The End

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