Overcast skies dye the river beneath an ashen grey, a stark contrast to the azure blue that once glossed over the surface of the water. Permeated by a constant rainfall that broke the surface of the river into uncounted ripples until the distorted reflections of the floral banks were no more than a colourful blur.

Grasses hang over the rivers edge, weighed down by drops of rain they will breach the surface of the water only to emerge but seconds later to a chorus of raging waters. The land weeps and rivulets of silt tears run into the grey river.

The sun above flirts with decency, banks of clouds shift and the light shines through for a moment. In a mere moment the light is split through the rain and the sky is lit up.

A rainbow bridges the river and beneath the grey surface is broken with arcs of colour. Radiant in it's simplicity and beauty.

The River is grey once more and the land weeps tears of silt.

The End

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