Water Collection

A collection of 'Prose Poetry', or so I am told, based around water. Mostly waterfalls, with occasional additions detailing the surrounding forests or something like that.

The Waterfall

The water cascaded down the obsidian like rock that formed the waterfall; the sun danced iridescently across its surface, creating an arcade of colour. Near the top of the falls, a mist gathered where water was kicked up into the air by the now smooth rocks. Obscuring the horizon, it gave the waterfall a touch of the surreal.


Bordering the waterfall to the right grew a torrent of ferns, the leaves swooped low over the water’s surface. The leaves teased the unnaturally flat water with a breach, before skipping back out of the threat of the stream. Green leaves obscured the bends in the Cliffside whilst sheltering the banks from attention unwanted.


To the left of the waters edge, the plants grew bolder in their hues; reds, pinks and yellows dotted the plant life; explosions of colour against a green canvas of ferns. The stream weaved in under the plants, shading itself from the morning sun. It hid from the light even as it wound its way over the rounded stones.


Somewhere in the foliage a cricket played its melancholy song; repeating itself time after time in the hope of attention. A lonely duet between a cricket and the trickle of the water; to be repeated ever onwards like an endless waltz.

Pray excuse the blatant reference to Gundam Wing...

The End

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