July 30th, 2011.
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. You are not alone. You are irreplaceable and precious. If you need help, get it. Nothing has to end today. Victory is always a option.


is the perfect thing

to wash away

every pain


you can stand

and tilt your face up

and let it stream

down and cleanse you


and you can stand

in the rain

and try to forget all of your pain

and forget all the hurt


but you can only stand in the stream

for so long

before you start to shiver

and slowly freeze


because lying to yourself

is like sitting in snow

you can't do it forever

because you'll kill yourself


But you can't do that

because someone behind you

is waiting in a doorway

and watching for when

you'll want to return


or they're standing under the eaves

clutching an umbrella

watching for any sign of a shiver

watching so that they can help

help you become warm and dry again



is a cold thing

and it doesn't seem to care

and this makes you feel better


you can lie

in its reach

and float and dream

that all your cares are floating, too



You can fold

and slip into its chilly embrace

and let the air leave your lungs

and let your problems leave with your breath


But you can't do that

because someone above you

is watching for you

on the solid ground

in the sun


or they're standing

in the water and the pain

and they've been with you the whole time

and they'll save you if you start

if you start to sink


For no matter how deep

the water is

how cold

how releasing


The pain will not last forever,

The hurt will last only a night,

And the people who were with you at the first

Will be with you through every fight.


They're watching for you

Because they care

and they love you, too

They'll bring you back to the air


The waters

will always be there

but so will the sun

The End

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