Part of a collection on the classic four elements. I hope this hasn't already been done :)

Eternal, glorious, the tears of the heavens

The mirror of the earth, the road and path of ships

I am loving and at once volatile, devouring those who roam

I can be both enemy or friend, guiding to destruction

Or guiding you safely home


I carry the lifeblood of flesh, but also it's death

I can soak the fields with life, or drag you to the deep

Cutting off your every breath


Tsunami's rise and fall under my command

Cities washed away by the wave of my hand

Whirlpools, Maelstroms swirl as I guide you home

You can sail at once with the world, and yet be so alone


The roaring of rivers and the tide

The wrath and love I feel inside

Wounded by poison, like heroin injected in veins

But my power shall never be drained


Poseidon  and Neptune both claim a rule over me

But I am unchained and beautiful, roaming free

The hostess of whirlpools and the rivers of Hades

Fear and love me, I am Water and the Sea

The End

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