Watching you love her.

Wrtten about the lad I have strong feelings for.
Written 18/01/11.

Staring skyward I agonize over what is happening,

How you hurt me so bad,

I am but an empty shell,

A mere vessel to an endless sea of emotion,

Defeated and beaten,

Suicidal, bound.

Silent screaming, A sinful formation of abused souls,

Your face,

Haunting every waking moment,

And a fading image burns bright,

Intense and scalding,

The smell of incinerated flesh, 

Easing the lonely agony of watching you love her,

Empty words,

Fuel the flames beneath my desires,

You will see me perish,

Eradicated from this world,



Unwanted and unloved,

Why her?

What does she have that I don't?



The End

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