Watching things move so slowly

ok so yesterday was another day where work got in the way of everything... and now I have to write two poems today. Will April ever be over... I think I like National Poetry WEEK better than National Poetry MONTH...

Watching things move so slowly

Watching things move so slowly

starlight refracting on the windows

of buildings and homes

How short a time this all will seem

once it has slowly past

and ended, quietly, at last

But now, the labored breath

the questions of what's best

decisions later second-guessed

crawl like ants upon the sand

so industrious

so focussed

So cold, their math

of moving parts

of mechanical hearts

Unable to know the sensation

the depth of pain

of loss and remain

Watching things move so slowly

returns these times to me

times I did not want to be

And knowing what's ahead

will move so slowly

'til quickly swept


The End

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