Watching Stars Die

spent last night,wide awake, and sick, watching a star die. (meaning the star had died a long time ago,but I watched as the last of the star's light burned out) It was so moving, nearly a religious experience for me;it made me feel so connected with the vast universe. It was such a beautiful moment. xoxo

There is a crack in my blinds,
a broken place in the dead center of them,
and I can see a star winking shyly at me
through it.

I have been trying to fall asleep
for the last six hours or so
just watching this star
and the ways that its light
fluctuates and fades.

I'm wondering if every star
does what this small,blue one does,
I'm wondering if every star
shines so unsteadily like this little

I blink, the sleep creeping slowly
into my bones,
and as I open my eyes to the star's glow,
it looks like it catches on fire,
light flying into the dark.

Its hard to think of a ball of gas as alive,
but I'm thinking I just witnessed
that poor little star die,
and I'm thinking that I was the only one
to see the bits and pieces
flare into the night.

Tonight I watched the light fade forever,
that little star is gone.
I will look for it tomorrow night,
just hoping that I am wrong,
just hoping that I'm not the only one
that noticed that

when a star dies,it doesn't even make a sound.

The End

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