Watching by the Storm

Tall stands the Captain, upon his heart

bearing the thoughts of iron men

and promises to tender lovers part

with star-born wishes the lives he defends

The sky set ablaze by the sun now black and ash

with fain and fluttering embers

never failing to point and guide

the Captain, who remembers

Bearing the thoughts of iron men

the captain, now old and weary, remembers

The thrashing of waves against the prideful ship

as men burden and toil against the rise

of dreadful waters, bringing a message conveyed by broken and salty lips:

a storm is coming, and it seeks our demise

A storm is coming, it has been born

of malice and dread, it desires to strike

fear into the hearts and souls

of iron men as their end draws near

But fear lingers not in these iron men

and into the storm their Captain leads them

From the  menacing sky fell luminous fire

that cries and roars yet does not burn

and the iron men, with strength and will admired

by all beings, fought the storm knowing they would not return

And upon the bow, battered by wind and waves,

stood dear Captain singing his orders

to iron men, whose strength and valor the grave

longs to confine within its spectral borders

And to iron men who bent the imutable sea

the Captain gave their final orders

And parting from his lungs on last breath

to join the Abyss of faint and fluttering embers

In spite of the imperious face of deat

the Captain proudly remembers

Standing before the Abyss of faint and fluttering embers

the Captain, with pride and valor, remembers

The End

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