Watch What You Say

You point a finger in my direction,
You think I can't put out,
But im more than I seem,
And you look at me and say, "Man you ain't nothing."

You look me in the eyes,
Spitting out words of what you mean,
Of how I am but a stain on the ground,
To a life of sh*t, im bound.

That I have no way out,
No way to rise to power,
You call me cheap without any fight,
Calling me out to prove you right.

I stare at you, dead in the eyes,
As you laugh at how little of a challenge you think I am,
A waste of space,
That when your done with me there wont be even a clue of me to trace.

You don't realize you underestimate me,
You fail to see that, what you see is only image deep,
Because the true strength is beyond sight's reach,
And you smirk because you think you've got it pinned down, well listen here, because im about to teach.

So you stand there in a fighting stance,
Your about to be surprised when I knock you out of your trance,
I face you head on with a desire that continues to burn,
Because right here, right now, your about to learn.

That when you take someone you think is weak,
And you expect them to take the fall,
You expect them to be the one that gets beat,
Its time you get a rude wake up call.

You take swing after swing,
Missing each punch, its easy to block,
As you stumble back,
Balance you surely lack, as you continue to miss.

I take the opportunity to swing and catch you off guard,
The expression that you wore of defiance and determination long washed off and replaced,
With shock and disbelief at the challenge you now faced,
As you go from standing to panting and laying on the ground.

You don't get back up and I look straight in your gaze,
You seemed lost in your own haze,
and I've only one thing to say,
That in the end sometimes your the one that has to pay.

I can say I was man enough to walk away.

I could have easily did more damage than a bloody nose and split lip,
But as it turns out im not about violence,
So I'll let this one slip.
But next time I can't say you'll be as lucky.

So if I was you, I'd watch what you say.

The End

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