Wasting Away

Don't waste your life 
Under the presumed disguise of ten thousand lies 
So don't waste my time 
Because I already barricaded up whats left of this broken mind 

And in the end we fall, only to see what becomes 
Of the deeds, the misdirection and Sin we both conceived 
While the world lays to waste, the blame was misplaced 
When I laid down in the bed, the hatred was ill bred 
Constant threat of what already lay dead, in the end 

So don’t wait and hide 
Plotting your next move as the clock ticks away 
Those thoughts they will never change (wasting away) 

So don't waste my time 
With all these squabbles and these damn lines 
So don't waste your lies 

And at the end of the day, as all hope begins to, fade away 
With the presumption that I’m still alive

The End

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