Wasn't Born A Beauty Queen (But I'm Okay With That)

I've spent too long in my life shying away from that word in the dictionary - the one that starts with a 'u' and ends with 'gly', maybe because I kept thinking that my picture would suit it perfectly.

I've never been stunning.

never been eye-catching or pretty.

i have eyes that are the color of jeans

that have been put through too many loads of laundry

and I have three small stretch marks around my hips.

i have never corresponded with the definition of 'beauty'.

i have never been called beautiful.

for a while, I thought that what that meant was that I wasn't. 

 but now I realize that beauty isn't 

the circumference of your thighs,

or how luxurious your hair is,

or if your nails are perfect and unbitten.

maybe my beauty is hidden in

the words I choose to share with the world,

the comfort I can give, 

the presence I can be.

i wasn't born a beauty queen.

and I think I'm okay with that.

The End

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