Wash Me

Nothing can wipe out the Tempters power except Your fiercely rushing waters.

The words strike me.
The rules push me.
The Tempter lights rebellion’s fire.
The flames are put out by Your water.

I am drawn to the flesh,
And all its deceitful flash.
The Tempter clouds my eyes with lust.
Let Your water cleanse the dust.

There is a battle by the river.
I want to escape bloodshed and the pain there.
The Tempter longs to drown me in self pity,
Instead Your waters carry me to safety.

I rip apart the image in the mirror
Until the shards of glass draw scars.
The wounds deepen by the Tempter's infection.
Only Your purest of water can heal them.

Stranded in the desert of doubt,
Longing thirst is in my throat.
It is caked with the Tempter's grime.
I will drink from the Waters of Life.

Nothing can wipe out the Tempter's power,
Except Your fiercely rushing waters.

The End

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