Everyone's a warrior for dealing with what they have to deal with.

When you're in your own mind you're in enemy territory
It's a warzone, come and fight for your life
In the warzone, your soul tries to win back your mind

The gunmen are eager, they're waiting with eagle eyes
Don't step on any of their paranoia landmines
Drop the bomb and hand grenades of fear
Pull the pin and be prepared, cuz it's no longer safe in here
This fog is full of self-defeating thoughts
Stress smoke is clouding up your mind

Got the guns and the weapons all loaded and already pointed
At any sight of dreams or hopes are shot down

Thousands fall in the air of war, emotions rise in the fog of war
Your black gold's filling up your heart and soul
It doesn't mean you're weak if you can't take it anymore
Don't be worried, even the strongest heroes need a break
Don't be so hard on yourself, there's only so much you can take

Demons shooting down your dreams
And the gunfield's full of smoke, you can't see
Tattered with the blood and smoke of regret
This mushroom cloud is swelling up your head

I'm a warrior with a heart of stone
Whose tried to act strong for way too damn long
I'm a warrior, there's no escape from these struggles deep within me
As I'm stuck with myself inside the warzone

You know what you've gotta overcome
Your mind, you gotta take back control of your mind
I need to find faith and I need to change
All of my old self-destructive ways

You'll never win the victory, if you don't face the enemy
The enemy inside of me, this is the evil power you must overcome
Depression can teach the definition of love
You'll never be equipped to fight this war without the love of God

There was a time back when I had love
Way before I ever declared war on myself

Get away from your sins and the separation it brings
Forgive me Jesus, I need some saving
Cuz there's a nest full of demons festering inside of me

I don't know if I'm ever alone
I can't see, I lost my way, no longer on the road
I've nurtured my demons until they grew strong
But whatever is inside my body has only got to be as strong as me
Existing like this for so long has made me see
I'm a warrior with a heart of stone, stuck inside this warzone

Don't cry for me cuz I've done wrong
I'm no angel, I know how sinning can feel
I don't hold grudges on anything you've done
And I don't blame myself for my previous mistakes

Jesus calls you by your name, Satan calls you by your sin
The past is no secret, the devil knows where I've been
Well, I'm no angel, but I still wanna live again
So scream hallelujah before the second coming

I feel so happy, it's amazing, cuz if there is one thing
This pain has taught me, it's that life is always worth fighting
Time to take all of my struggling and turn it into something great
I have my pain to thank for making me who I am
Stop hating yourself for all your bad decisions
We all choose our own sins cuz we need to learn from they're lessons
So we can take what we've learned
And have it turned into wisdom

He found his way through, but he's been
Battle-scarred, broken-down, beaten and bruised
He thought he finally made his way out of the oppression
But that was just before the drugs got him
They grabbed control and took you for a ride, but now you've
Almost made it out the other side, it's a long, dark tunnel
But at least you gained some knowledge from your problems
Deep down you know nothing is impossible
There's gonna be a lot of pain before there's any gain

The End

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