with all the thoughts running through my head,
the one that stalls me and
sends my heart racing
is temptation.

the thought of your hands
exploring my body.

your fingertips
brushing softly against the back of my neck
sending an electric shock
through my body.

your hands
tangled in mine
sending chills up my spine
and warmth through my veins.

your kisses
permanently staining
every inch of my skin
and stealing the air
out of my lungs.

your eyes,
like spirals of jaded ice,
make mine light up
and my heart melt inside.

your voice,
so deep and
so smooth,
linger in the back of my mind
and i long to be with you.

your arms
envelop me
as our bodies combine,
and i can feel your heart
pound against mine.

and as soon as we begin to
crave these small,

that's when we're truly fucked.

- l.m.

The End

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