When I was in your arms, I felt so secure.

As you suspend yourself over me, naked, after our beautiful escapades,

Your face in my face, your eyes on my eyes,

Security, I don’t question your love.


But I am not longer in your arms,

And my security is gone.

Your face no longer hovers over my face

Your eyes no longer gaze into my eyes,

You no longer love me,

I question, I plead.


You wrap your arms around me,

Your chest to my back, holding me tight,

You whisper in my ear,

I will never let you go,

I will never leave you,

I promise.


Today, yesterday, and tomorrow,

I am alone, your warmth has seeped from my skin,

I no longer feel your touch,

The brush of your fingers on my thighs,

Over my heart, along my cheek.


Your dark eyes used to gaze at me,

Running over my body,

You loved me,

You held me,

Cared for me,

Your body on my body, loving me.


I am alone, my heart aches,

I am cold, my soul lusts for warmth,

And I will remain alone.

The End

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