Warmly Frosting Over

I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders,

The chill of winter in the air,

Could it be any colder?

The ice is more than I can bare,

Let it freeze over, so I can finally be warm,

Cuddle into the heat that only the bite of frost can provide,

You can never be warm, until you are cold.

But you can't learn,

By being told,

The experience,

Is not irrelavant,

How people start out hot is something I can never fathom,

With friends, and family to shield the winter,

Together, they light a spark, and cinder,

Around the heat, they linger, until a breeze, blows it out, sprinkling snow on the only bit of fire they have,

They smile at the snow, the joy of wintertime,

And they wish it could last.

The clouds form above my head, closing in,

While the sun breaks free for them, melting any snow that winter left,

Watching them, it makes me want to live,

But too bad, I froze to death.

The End

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