War or Murder?

Hear a screech, a loud scream.

Darkness comes, a shadow beam.

A killer walks, your too slow.

Is he watching? Your fear will grow.

Feel a follower, eyes on the back of your head.

A slow walk, a pierce of led.

Confused, is it you or is it he?

Is he close, you can`t see.

Walk a little faster, make a bigger stride.

A cold breeze, you can`t hide.

You see nothing doesn`t mean it isn`t there.

If you die, will anyone care?

They told you to go but now you regret.

Why they let you go, the nightmare you have met.

Your not the only one, they told you all to fight.

They taught you, but not about the night.

You see something, or did you?

Was there movement, you don`t have a clue.

Suddenly a sound, he has made a shot.

Pain strikes, you couldn`t of fought.

You look down, a spot of red.

You see now, you are dead.

How this is murder but no way.

Its war, fighting for peace they say.

They are wrong they think its right.

Kill innocent people all for a pointless fight.

Murderers of freedom, in war no one wins.

We create laws, other wise known as sins.

What are they thinking? No god wanted this.

What happens if you`re out there and you miss?

Go and shoot a child in the chest.

Fighting for your country? You sure this is best?

Death has come, and our tears are flowing.

Cries of family, the sorrow is growing.

Now you see they are wrong.

Our government singing a blood song.

They only see now that the coffins began to fill.

People they murdered, they should feel that chill.

To get freedom and respect. . . do we have to kill?

The End

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