War Monument WomanMature

If I were to draw a picture of you. You'd be a half human, half robot superhero and you'd wear the flag of china as your cape. The chi-borg. You crash through walls seeking out over confident nerds to slaughter in games of tekken or mortal kombat. Your cyborg body would have a custom fightstick or control pad ready for every occasion and you could plug your pinkie into the back of the controller and make it look like you were playing without pressing any buttons.


But I suppose a lot of people I know have super powers. Whether it's total control and manipulation over bacon. Or turning into a bright red incredible hulk when someone says they don't like Taylor Swift. In some way or another they're all super human. But you... You're different. More human than most. You came before others. Through your sisters and your brothers you learnt that consideration is a jar of sugar that should never run low. You served in table-spoons because teaspoons weren't good enough for those you cared for. You poured love into the hollow chests of callous men, they had you swallow their malice then you'd still find time to keep your sugar pot full. When times were hard and days were long, you'd fill up your jar and stay strong. If your arms were sore or your back ached you jar would fill more and you wouldn't break.


If I was to draw you...

Your face would be a blur with the amount of smiles you've reconstructed after having them wiped away. You’re ams would be those of gods because the way you’ve held everything together is a greater miracle than anything a holy book could show me. I don’t even believe in gods but you make me consider angels. The only problem with this theory… is that you’re not immortal. I can see it in your eyes.

More human than most, you do get tired at times.


Lady… You’re a war monument woman. Your still-standing body is beautiful reminder of all that human beings can sacrifice for love, and you, lady are a mixed drink that’s 9/10 parts sacrifice.

You're a bag of skittles that has too many of only one flavour that tastes like sacrifice.

You’ve got sacrifice under your fingernails.

You leave sacrifice in the bathtub after you shower… and you do you clothes shopping at bloody miss sacrifices.


So take a break!

You put all else before yourself

sold sugar for smiles on every shelf

and despite all the shit you were dealt

you put your family before all else.

So take a break!

A war monument also celebrates a time of peace so be peaceful.

You’ve armed us for our future battles so lay down your own. A lot of innovative creations came from war… but I’m glad we were yours. We were the super glue that held your wounds together, you’d whether all manner of storms with us as your waterproofs.


Instead of raising the white flag…


you raised your kids...

War monument woman… Thank you.

The End

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