War for the Land.

This poem is about how humans take over and area, and just expect the animals to leave, to find new homes. But really, how much space is there left in the world for all of them, Foxes, snakes, bears, etc.
They have to go into our towns, and villages. How else will they find food, water and shelter?
While people go around thinking what they are gona do the next day, buy a phone maybe? An animal has to worry where its next meal is coming from, and who or what it will have to fight to stay alive.

A bird flies, flapping its wings,
its bone structure made for that one purpose,to fly, and soar where no creature of land or sea can go.
Nature had its rules, but someone, something … broke them.

Metal birds now pollute, the skies, and warm the land
the fastest animals in the world have become snails,
the ostrich, runs but to no avail, humans are the ones with their heads buried in the sand
With cars, planes and guns they play God, and Mother nature is not pleased.

Time is running out, their patience wearing thin.
Heed the warning, repent for your sins?
No, but ask yourself why with all your technology, your people starve, die.
While the rich grow fat, the poor scavenge, but it does them no good, ignorance becomes them, as it does you.

A fish swims, breathes underwater, safe from those from the land.

Yet humanity poisons rivers, dries up lakes.

Builds boats and fights on the water, a place that was never meant for them.
destroys corals, kills the inhabitants.

Humanity's final hour is one of pain and fire,
Bombs, War, Death.

While the animals slowly suffocate, under the human stench.
This is, and always will be, a war for the Land.

The End

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