War and Scars

Writing off my feeling is the best way for me to stop thinking about something specifically. That's why I keep creating something that emotionally comes from my heart, my real heart, just like this poem below. Check it out.

This is war,
A war between the dark clouds
And the white–sky armies
Inside the heart of my brain; they battle. 

Those sounds I heard at night,
Those voices I heard at days,
Now, they move inside my veins
Rip out all my love with pains.

Through fire and through ice; they fight
Travel with the speed of light
Split the land and create deeper hungers
And break half of my soul's wing
Turn me into a deaf-star
And half-wounded moon,
Under this shaken sky
I stay alive but dead inside.

On this earth,
Without hopes, without rains
Storms came during the summer
Wiped out all my tears with snows
And left me alone without my happiness.

They said, the war was over, the war is gone
But the scars were never older, it’d never gone.

The End

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