War... we always hear it and somewhere deep in every man and women they would like to fight in it. This is something you don't want to do.

Sure it may look fun in the games ,but the real deal. Now that's just something you don't want to experience. So if your reading this poem pass this message. This message is: Do we really need to go to war for something that we don't know. Is it really worth fighting if you haven't planned it out or thought of the people. Can't we just talk first and then decide what to do because somewhere out there men and women are fighting in a war and seeing what modern weapons do. Kill and bring sadness on the battlefield. 

 There are soldiers who have wives, husbands, daughters,sons, babies, and even children waiting for them. Do we just simply send them off to war at the last minute. Is it really worthy putting their family through sadness. I for one think not. SO, before you decree this as bullshit. Think of the consequences!

Think of their families, hell even think of the lives that are at stake! 

The End

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