I search for her

Love will hopefully make somethings a lot better.

I want to find her.

Her beauty,

Her passion,

Her essence,

She will make my heart pure.

Rid me of my poisoned thoughts.

Clear my head,

Make me believe in life again.

Give I a reason to live.

Give my heart a reason to beat.

My brain a reason to think.

She shall show me love.

Shall show me what it truly means to be clad in white.

She will not let the blade stab my heart,

If I shed blood so shall she.

I need her,

Where is she?

I lost her once,

I shall not again.

I shall grab her like a father his son.






She shall come and

I shall be free

Of my poisoned mind.

I want to find her,

For her and I to be


Meant that I could





Where are you my love? Come now for the blade is near my heart and it shall thrust inside soon.


The End

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