Want to know a secret?

I have a little secret, would you like to know?

Course you would, thats the whole point why your reading this poem!

You probably think it's about your headmaster,

and how he's so evil he cannot be human!

Or how your dog didn't actually eat your homework! 

Cos' it was me! (not!)

Or maybe that your mum said she'd look after your sweets for you,

but she ate them!

Or even that although he denies everything (obviously) your brother really did 

feed your socks to a doberman!

Not to mention that aliens were actually spotted last Tuesday at NASA

but they decided to keep it a secret! (the cheek!)

Or maybe that your friends actually forgot your birthday

and the whole thing about a late delivery was just a back up plan!

Well your . . . . . . . .



The secret is. . . . . .

um. . . er. . . well,um. . . 


ok, I'm going to have to come clean here. . . . 

I've forgotten!



The End

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