Want is such an insipid word

Your arm glides gently out the window,

long curved like a swan’s neck.

And your hand closes,

As if you are cupping the wind.

In that moment I want like I’ve never ever wanted before.

Want is such an insipid word.

How I do explain what it is when sex and love meet?

There destined partners but rarely ever meet.



There are diamonds in your eyes.

I want them to belong to me.

I want every quickened pulse to belong to me.

Every glance and every whisper.

All mine.

I want you to take what I give,

And demand more.

Demand satisfaction in each and every way.

I’ll rise to the occasion.


We stop to stretch our legs.

You point out a hot dog stand.

You want one with everything.

I can’t wait to kiss your horse radish lips.

I laugh.

But they burn so beautifully.

Unfold only for me.

If only that were true.



We get in the car and you are so crazy.

Blasting the radio.

Singing the words to every song.

You try and dance.

You are so dirty and you are so pure.

I want to be like you.

Live life so free.

And we will.

Tell me we will.



The End

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