The huge, unstoppable urges to travel that seem to consume and dominate my every waking thought.

I want to absorb.

I want to know my soul where a thousand soles have walked before me.

The simplicity of putting one in front of the other, 

Each step one into unknown territory, 

Each ebbing away at the edges of my curiosity, my desire, 

My need to feel my eyes open vast, expansive, wide, as I breathe it all in. 

Breathe in the new,

Breathe in the vitality and growth that prevails through a millennia of stasis.

Breathe in the golden fluid of my golden era,

The full air mixing giddy with my young, hot blood,

I know,  it will lead me forward and guide me

to that which so far remains undiscovered by my restless heart. 

A heart that drums strong, steady, silent through the night,

Feeling, but resisting the magnetic pull of the earth with each dull beat,

Filling my mind with a constant, aching pain.  

It will not reside until I find something more, 

And I am able to become overwhelmed by the colours that fill

a life without the dead-ended, apathetic existence 

that hides, clinging, languid and heavy in the air that keeps me.

Then, and only then, 

Will I be still.

Still as the breadths of lake and sky in my mind

reflect each other perfectly, 

Becoming the descant, the solo, the harmony,

The music that trickles through, rushes down,

Enhancing, elevating, and matching mine. 

The End

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